Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a wonderful and blessed Easter this year.  Busia and Grandpa drove down to spend the day with us.  The weather was beautiful and the kids loved their Easter egg hunts!

Leadville Continued

A few more pictures from Rachel's good camera.  There are others that will show up in my 365 Project.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Leadville Ski Trip

We took a family trip to Leadville, CO over Spring Break. We stayed in a 'cabin' just South of Leadville and got to ski at Ski Cooper Friday and Saturday. We also got to hang with our awesome friends Brenda & Cecil Verghese, their baby Nolan and Brenda's brother, Chris. It was a Sullighese weekend.
Is it time to ski yet?

Ready for her 3rd Lesson (2nd of the year)

#36 Ready for Ski School. They nicknamed themselves the Ski Dragons
With Erin in Ski School and Scott at Daycare, Mom and Dad finally get to ski together.

Who brought the weirdo?

Erin was a master of the magic carpet ride by the end of day one. By day two she was going up and down the bunny hill all by herself
Erin shredding down the bunny hill at the end of day one:

Day Two:

Scotty got to come skiing for the first time

Scott was a little excited to sji

Not a bad view

Scott wasn't into the part of skiing where you have to stand on your own
Erin was begging to go on the lift the entire time. Towards the end of Day 2, Dad figured she was ready to go. She did great getting on and off without a fall. She was giggling with happiness the whole ride up. 

First Lift Ride. Can you tell how happy she is?
All Smiles with Daddy on her first lift ride
I'm on top of the world! Time to ski down this really long green run!

Erin making her way down the mountain after her first lift ride: 

So tired...