Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

You wouldn't guess it is December and almost time for Christmas from the weather outside. A lovely 65 degrees today in Colorado Springs and I'm loving it (although I'm ready for snow when I hit the slopes & Christmas morning)!

Erin met Santa for the first time today at a Mom's Club party. She wasn't too sure about him and started crying right after I took this photo, but who wouldn't be scared at that age??? Erin loves to play soccer, loves babies, eats like a champion, and continues to crack us up every day with her silly faces & noises! She is also growing like a weed. I swear she grew 2 inches overnight last week....she is now longer than her changing table....not sure when that happened. The only bad thing I can say about her is that she is fascinated with the toilet and the bath tub. What does this mean? If I can't find my hair brush, it is probably in the tub along with a soccer ball and stacking cup. Only one fatal drop of her baby doll in the toilet so far! Happy Holidays from the Sullivan family!!
I'm not so sure about this!

Dressed up in my pretty outfit from Nana.

Big smiles!

Future soccer player?

One of her many silly faces.


Serious. Look at those eyes :)

I love hanging out in the basket!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So Much to be Thankful For

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for this year....a happy, healthy, beautiful toddler, a wonderful family and wonderful friends!

We traveled to NJ this year for Thanksgiving to be with Bob's parents (Nana & Pops). The trip was a lot of fun, but Erin caught a really bad cold on the way home and I caught it soon after....therefore, our house has not been a lot of fun this past week. I think we're all feeling better now, so I have no excuse to put off posting pictures any longer!

Yummy Thanksgiving dinner with Nana & Pops

Eating in Daddy's High Chair

Having fun with Dan

Smiling with Aunt Moe

Big girl bath time!