Tuesday, January 20, 2015

365{ish} Project - Days 1-20

Okay, I apologize in advance that I am slightly obsessed with photography now and I take a million photos of my kids.  My friend, Kristi, (who is an amazing photographer and takes most of our family photos) runs a photography group on Facebook.  She added me over a year ago because she knew I had an interest in photography because I asked her what DSLR I should start out with.  I have been on there for a while, but I never really did anything with the group before.  Now that my obsession has grown and I'm trying to use my camera in manual only (and since I got a new lens), she encouraged me to join her 365{ish} project for 2015.  The goal?  To take a photo every day for the entire year.  If you miss a day, you are not supposed to make it up.  No pressure though.  It's just a goal that forces you to learn photography at a quicker speed.  What I love even more is that it forces me to capture at least one memory every day.  We post them in the Facebook group, mainly for motivation and accountability, but also to support each other.  Man, am I glad Kristi encouraged me to join this challenge!  At the end of the year my plan is to make this into a photo book.  One memory from each day.  So far I have not missed a day and I have some of my favorite photos I have ever taken.  20 down, only 345 to go!  Here are my first 20, in order.  I will try to post them on here in batches along the way.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Speech Master

We are so proud of our Scotty boy!  His speech therapist, Cheri, has recommended that we no longer continue speech therapy for him. He has made an unbelievable amount of progress in less than a year!  He sure is going to miss her though. Both Erin and Scotty loved playing with her. Way to go Scotty!  We will miss you, Cheri!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had such a blessed and magical Christmas this year.  Nana, Pops and Uncle Mike made the trip to Colorado Springs this year and we enjoyed the rare occasion of having Christmas in our own home.  The kids were spoiled rotten with toys and so was I!  I got a new lens for my camera, so even more pictures are taken daily!  Here are just a few highlights from our time together.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Preparation

Christmas is so much fun with a five and two year old! We had a lot of activities leading up to Christmas this year with lots of visits from Santa!  Two weekends in a row with a stomach bug (one weekend for each kid) did not stop all of the fun :)  The kids loved decorating the tree and a gingerbread house, but the highlight of the Christmas season was definitely the Santa Express train!

Erin telling Santa what she wants...Scotty was at home with a stomach bug :(

That is some thick hot chocolate!

Strike a pose

"Ooh!  Look! The North Pole!"

Erin's dance performance!