Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Look who is walking

Scotty Boy has been taking some major steps lately. He definitely prefers carpet for walking. Check out this video taken during his walking marathon yesterday.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So much to catch up on!

The photos will have to explain most of what has gone on since our last post.  In a nutshell, we celebrated Scotty's first birthday, had a great visit from Nana and Pops (other than Pop's sickness and Bob's horrible work schedule), Bob completed his MBA, and Erin finished up her first year of preschool.  Whew!  No wonder we are tired :)

Congrats Daddy for finishing grad school!  Nobody is happier than Mommy!  Thanks Nana and Pops for making the trip to celebrate with us!  We miss you!
1 week old kittens at Ruth Washburn

Erin loves parent helper days!  Mommy and Daddy helped out at the last one!

Trying to contain Scotty in the front yard with the water table.

Air mattress in bedroom - best toy ever!

Yay Daddy!  Erin loved to scream for him at graduation!

Nana and Pops made it!

The proud family!

I love diplomas!

Scotty loves his new purple chair :)

Rain boots on a hot day.

Happy Birthday, Scotty!

Cool dinosaur cake, Mommy!

Erin had to force feed him :)

You're right, that does taste good!

Tired birthday boy!

Thanks for celebrating with me, Busia and Grandpa!

Thanks for celebrating with me, Nana and Pops!

Enjoying the nice weather on the porch.

Cutie pie!

End of the year "pool" party for Erin's class.

Bouncy castle with Michael and Andrew!

That looks fun!  Let me in!

Erin with her wonderful teacher, Brenda.  Last day of school :(

Erin LOVES spaghetti squash.

Painting at school.  Future artist like Mommy?