Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Scotty and Charlie bring up the rear in the Patty Jewett Neighborhood parade

Dino-Scott roams free on the playground after the parade

Nate harnesses his inner lion. Hear me roar

Take that MO. Go Red Sox! Erin is firmly planted in CO

Ready for some loot at daddy's work

Erin gets some candy from daddy's boss

Dinosaurs enjoy the Broncos stadium seats in the CFO's office

"These stairs rule Dad"

So tired and only halfway done trick or treating

On to the madness on Tejon St, just a few blocks from our house

Scotty refuels with some banana and his snack trap

These kids really loved their dinosaur costumes

"Come on Mom, you are too slow"

First stop is at the Darby's. They go all out every year and had a news truck parked outside by the time we left

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp

Scott wasn't too sure at first

Erin may have rang this bell about 20 times before they answered (and her parents realized what she was doing)


"Da doo, eh, eh, eh"

Jumping with my snack trap

Scotty embraces the ritual of getting candy from the incredible hulk

Look at me. I have candy. He is starting to catch on to this grabbing candy thing

Took a while to figure out which doorbell to ring

These people take their Halloween seriously

Reporting live from the haunted yard this is KOAA 5

Scott keeps a safe distance

That bat sure was ugly looking. Scotty was about to expire so I had to carry him the rest of the way